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If you like beautiful and often lonely beaches, there are great places in Venezuela as you'll see below. (Hey, by the way, Isla Margarita is a part of Venezuela but IT IS NOT like the real Venezuela!!!) Unfortunately I didn't visit any of the jungle regions (e.g. the highest waterfall of the world) or the mountain region around Mérida, I'm sure these are worth a second visit of this country!



Playa Medina


Playa Medina

Rio Grande
Playa Medina
Playa Medina
Río Caribe


Playa Puipuy


The only bridge across Orinoco


Morning at Pto. Colombia


Sunday at Pto. Colombia

Playa Pui Puy
Rio Orinoco - Ciudad Bolívar
Pto. Colombia - Sunday morning
Pto. Colombia - Sunday afternoon


Pto. Colombia in the week


Puerto Colombia




Behind the beach

Pto. Colombia - weekdays
Pto. Colombia
Behind the beach of Pto. Colombia
Behind the beach of Pto. Colombia


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