Pictures of Namibia

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Even in Namibia I decided to travel by bicycle, but I'd to learn that it isn't a "real bicycle country" ;-) The distances are too far, you can't enter the National Parks without a car, and it's quite impossible to go through the deserts. (I've tried to cycle through the Namib-Desert, but I had to give up the second day, when nore my bicycle nore myself couldn't do that fight against the very very strong storms and the very very bad "sand street" anymore ;-)

Anyway, even this experience brought some of the most interesting and beautiful moments to me, e.g. camping on the "Vogelberg", very far from anyone else, enjoying the desert in a little tent...

Tree          Giraffe   Dune          Spitzkoppe Sunset        Moon Landscape   Landscape    

 Chamaeleom   Erdmaennchen   Robbe   Cape Cross

Christuskirche Windhoek   Typical Sunset   Termitenhügel

Pad   Road   Spitzkoppe Daytime   Desert

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