Pictures from Indonesia

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In Summer 1994 I went to Indonesia and travelled around Bali and Sulawesi by bicycle for nearly three months. For sure that hasn't been only my longest but even the most interesting and impressing journey! I cycled about 3000km and I've seen such lots of beautiful and impressing places, very natural and friendly people, I think I would have to write a book to describe all my experiences ;-)

Temple Figure, Bali
Bali - Cremation
Bamboo Trees
Bali - Children
Hard work on rice terrace - Bali
Cave near Kete Kesu
Rock Graves at Lemo
All these poor pigs...
...will end like this...
Kete Kesu - Sulawesi
Water Buffalo
Toraja Princesses
Toraja Village
TaoTaos at Suaya
Toraja Village
Danau Poso
Beach on Togian Islands
"My Home" on the Togian Islands...
Children on Togian


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